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Welcome Back!


A huge WELCOME BACK to everyone returning for the 2013-14 session at Loud 'n' Proud!

This year we have loads of exciting things happening. As well as the usual lessons and band rehearsals we have launched our first ever group lessons for guitar, drum kit and keyboard. So far everyone is doing really well and we definitely have some new talents to keep an eye on!

Also a big congratulations goes out to CONAR GIRVAN, who begins his first independent teaching role with us. Conar has been a drumming pupil at Loud 'n' Proud for many years, and has performed some fantastic shows with his band. We are thrilled that he is now a part of the Loud 'n' Proud teaching team, and look forward to seeing his pupils progress and evolve just like he has!

As always we welcome questions and queries from existing parents/students, and those who may wish to join us in the future. If you wish to know more about any of our services, or just fancy a general chat, my door is always open. You can contact me directly at, via the contact us page, or phone 0141 840 1090.

I wish all of our students and staff the best of luck for the coming session, and look forward to seeing some amazing talent this year.

(Studio Manager)