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Paisley Philosophical Institution invites Tommy to speak

The Paisley Philosophical Institution, impressed by the work Loud 'n' Proud do in the community of Paisley, have invited Tommy to be a guest speaker at their meeting on 14th January.

In 1808 the Paisley Philosophical Institution was established with the aim of self-improvement for themselves and fellow townsmen, through the collection of books and museum artifacts. As their collections grew, so too did the need for a building to house them.

A considerable collection of books and artifacts was amassed by the Paisley Philosophical society since 1808. They needed to be housed somewhere and Peter Coats, a Paisley thread manufacturer built and donated The Paisley Library and Museum to the people of Paisley.

The Society invite speakers along to their regular meetings to discuss and debate issues, and Tommy is excited to present a case for "Rock Music Making Better Citizens" and discuss the work of Loud 'n' Proud with the members.