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Sound Engineering Workshops

Our kids will get the chance to enjoy some of the many benefits of being a Loud ‘n’ Proud student as we put on a series of sound engineering workshops.

As an organization, we believe that to be a complete musician you must be more than just skilled at your instrument. Playing together with other musicians, song writing, arranging, and persona and stage presence are just some of the areas we help our students with, and we also see knowledge of sound recording and live music production as key to this set of skills.

Over the course of the next few months all of our students will get the chance to work with a trained sound engineer recording a track, all of which will be collated into a Loud ‘n’ Proud CD. During this process they will get to experience the full process of recording, learning to set up microphones and prepare for the recording, record and overdub the track before adding effects and mixing to create their final product.