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I Was There! rocks the SECC Armadillo

The ‘Glasgow Choir’ were in full voice once again as the greatest rock venue in the world, the Glasgow Apollo, was brought back to life in the SECC Armadillo while we put on our three night run of our rock musical ‘I Was There!’.

A cast of 45 Musicians, 39 Dancers and 22 Actors blew away the crowd at the SECC armadillo for three straight nights over the weekend as they performed the rock extravaganza.

Written by Loud ‘n’ Proud’s own Tommy McGrory, it tells the story of the Glasgow Apollo, regarded by many as one of the worlds top rock concert venues during the 70’s and 80’s.

All of the cast, band and crew had an amazing time over the 4 days we were there, from setting up and dress rehersing to our final show on the Saturday night, and the reviews we have received have all been fantastic.

"What an amazing show, much better than 'Jason' and the others we get through here. Mama Mia was the only one that even comes close, but these kids blew them all away"
- Unnoficial comment by a member of the SECC staff.