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Kevin is one of two talented sound engineers who work at Loud ‘n’ Proud. Though an accomplished studio and recording engineer, in recent years he has leaned heavily towards live sound engineering, and when working with the kids it’s on these types of projects he can usually be found at Loud ‘n’ Proud.

More often than not though he can be found working behind the scenes here at Loud ‘n’ Proud. He helps Tommy with many of the organisational tasks, and in particular helps to organise all of the technical aspects of any shows and gigs we are involved in, particularly with the Rock Orchestra. He monitors our PA systems, amplifiers and other equipment, installing equipment into the school and fixes it or arranges for it to be sent away for repair when needed, and his talents also extend to graphic and web design and he is the creator of our lovely new website!

Recording drums in MTC studios around 2000 or 2001

Kevin originally became involved in music as a drummer when, at about 6 years old, his older cousin began to give him some basic lessons. These progressed on to private lessons for several years, and also weekly lessons in school through which he was involved in many school shows and productions, playing drums for Christmas and summer concerts, the brass and wind band and the newly formed school Jazz band in its inaugural year.

All this experience led to him playing in my first rock band when he was about 14 or so, performing covers of Green Day and Beatles songs as well as Oasis, Supergrass and many of the other popular ‘Brit Pop’ indie bands of that time. This also became his first introduction to the other technology that was used by bands and musicians; guitar amps, mixing desks, PA speakers and other items he had never had the opportunity or need to use before.

His natural curiosity and talent for computers and electronics (or pushing buttons and playing with wires as he says his friends call it!) meant that he was able to understand and use this equipment very easily and throughout the course of playing drums and moving from band to band over the next few years he was generally always the one left to take care of the technical side of things.

Playing at King Tutts for the BBC in 2001

With a bit of a snap decision he left school at the end of 5th year to go straight to university and study Physics, but the course wasn’t for him and this led me to work full time for a couple of years while he decided what he wanted to do. He began working in bars and clubs, quickly working his way up through supervisor positions to management level, and also around this time his natural talents with music and music equipment led him to start DJing, and he was quickly also DJing in many of the big bars in clubs in Paisley and Glasgow.

In 2001, while keeping on some DJing shifts to keep some money coming in, he left working full time and returned to university to study Music Technology, allowing him to formalise, consolidate and improve on all of the sound engineering and music production skills that he had taught himself over the years.

Unfortunately during this time his drumming fell away as he concentrated more and more on sound engineering, and completing his degree in 2004 he spent some time working in recording studios as well as DJing and working in bars again. Gradually however found that his calling lay more in live sound engineering and concerts and moved in this direction, as well as providing a maintenance and install service for sound and lighting systems in bars and clubs through his own small part time company, Core Acoustics.

These days, Kevin completed a Post Grad studies to become a primary school teacher and so has a ‘real’ day job, but continues to find time to work for Loud ‘n’ Proud, engineer for many live shows and gigs and still DJ’s at weekends.